Born in 1925, Family Operated fourth Generation Perfumers with the latest state of Art Distillation Plant in Central India, Madhya Pradesh (M.P) Manufacturing & Exporting Indian Origin Conventional & Organic  Essential Oils like Cypriol, Ajowan, Carrot Seed, Celery Seed, Calamus, Davana, Dill Seed, Juniper Berry, Palmarosa, Kapoor Kachari.

Our motto is to provide the Natural Essential Oils in its Pure Form and Believe that Quality Speaks more than words.

We welcome you to our world of Naturals !



Welcome to the world of 100% Natural Essential Oils...


Born in India, City of Taj, Late Shri Basdeo Prasad Mittalji was raised in multicultural environment. From a very early age, he has developed growing interest in Natural Fragrances. It did not take him long to launch his exclusive Indian Attars (Perfume) store in the heart of Agra, Johari bazaar. He joined forces of nature and founded M/s Basdeo Prasad & Sons” in 1925. In 1960 Late Mr. Jyoti Prasad Mittalji who was known faithful to his independence of state and mind, chooses the most difficult path: to create his own workshop. It did not take long before his reputation is made: gifted by exception technical talent, he started manufacturing Indian Attars at Kannauj which is known as the perfume city of India.

In 1980 the company presidency was officially transmitted from 2nd to the 3rd generation: Mr. Nirankar Nath Mittal, this year is also a milestone since it is then that the talented entrepreneur establishes manufacturing of Essential Oils in Agra and the main products were Rose, Cypriol & Vetivert. It also marks the development of three important lines: Opening New Export markets, Upgrading/Increasing Production & Facilities as well as R&D.

This prerogative becomes a goal that the young entrepreneur will always hold at hearth. Hence in 2004 with the succession of 4th generation, Mr. Tarun mittal with new ideas and visions decided to devote his work to the manufacturing of Aromatherapy related products under the name of “Aroma Energy”. Now, nestled in heart of India, city Gwalior, situated in Madhya Pradesh (MP) where he is finding State of Art Distillation,

Our Founder

Late Mr. Basdeo Prasad Mittal



in this enchanting and poetic environment, the inspiration that will promote his creations. The extreme serenity and natural resources in the form of dense forest provides the raw material for the perfection of product.

In 1990, Our Group Also entered into the Hospitality Industry with growing demand of inbound tourists and established a new company name “HOWARD HOTELS LIMITED”. The company is listed on Bombay Stock Exchange since 1995 and owns Four Star Properties and Restaurants in India.

Our Path Founder

Late Mr. Jyoti  Prasad Mittal

Our Family Name is so synonymous with our Profession that today the family is known in Agra by name of “Sugandhi Parivar/Perfumers Family”.

Mr. Nirankar Nath Mittal

Our Group Companies

1) Basdeo Prasad & Sons (Sugandhikar), Agra -Trading Natural Indian Attars since 1925

2) Mittal Fragrances Pvt Ltd.Agra-Manufacturing Essential Oils in Agra since 1980 like Rose, Vetivert & Cypriol.

3) Fragrance De Energy, Agra-Exporting Aromatherapy Related Products since 2004

4) Sarita Bio Naturals, Gwalior.(MP)-Distillation Plant for conventional & organic Essential Oils. Open for worldwide sales from January 2011.

5) Sarita Ayur Naturals, Gwalior(MP) - Herbal Extraction plant for Organic crops like Stevia & Safed Musli .Production in  Full Swing expected from April 2011.



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